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How do I get my film on Netflix?

How do I get my film on Netflix? This is one of the number questions that I receive from independent film makers. For now I'll give you the short version, but for further information please feel free to send me an email at anytime. First I would like to say getting your film on Netflix can be a feat yet it is absolutely possible. Alining yourself with an aggregator or distributor is the best way to get your film on Netflix. Netfilx won't deal with directors or producers because its easier to deal with a few huge clients and let them filter out the non qualified films. With that being said lets get started on how you can get your film on Netflix. (Quality) Its the simple. Netflix has set a minimal standard for productions it acquires. When I say quality not only do I mean shot in 4k. Im also speaking of production value, star power, the sound, locations, set design, plot etc. Why would Netflix decide to choose your content over others if the film is below standards? They won't... So do your best when your working on your next film remember the key is quality. Thats how you get your film on Netflix.

How do I get my film on Netflix?
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