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Film distribution

Gain worldwide distribution with RepMyFilm.


The film rep's goal is to negotiate the sale of a content creators film or series to a aggregator, sales agent or film distributer. Once a sale is made a percentage goes to the film rep.


We are a small company so this allows producers and content creators to work directly with it's founders and receive a better level of personalized attention. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable representatives are effective in implementing your distribution strategy through personal interaction with potential buyers to maximize your return on investment.  


We believe everyone deserves to tell their story regardless of genre. Our strong working relationships with distributors of all kinds sorts combined with our knowledge about marketing allows us to provide just that. We can help distribute your content and reach your target audience.


Join the other film makers, including 85 Central in North Carolina and  The Backpages that have reaped the benefits of our expertise in obtaining distribution.


Let the world see your content now!


Producer Representative Cleo Flucker

Cleo Flucker is the lead producer rep of RepMyFilm. 

Case 137 Feature Film
Shades Of Sapphire
85 Central
The Backpages
Final Cut Feature Film
Like Them Series
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