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What RepMyFilm can do and how we are different


Anyone can promise to improve your film's recognition and film distribution worldwide, but RepMyFilm is a company that can actually deliver on that promise.


Our content creators count on us to put their films in front of a targeted audience. Our ability to give them what they need is what sets us apart. To understand how we are different from other producer reps and film liaison's consider the following:


We are a hands on service operation. It all starts with our producers creating a customized distribution strategy and marketing campaign to suit your specific needs and objectives. 


We will effectively implement our distribution strategy. We take your films directly to buyers and distribution companies through out the world. Our producers engage your potential buyers with one-on-one interaction, which will leave an impression that far surpasses any left by traditional marketing efforts.


You benefit from our experience. We are familiar with the buying habits of the distribution companies allowing you to better navigate the film industry. See for yourself what makes RepMyFilm different when it comes to getting your film project into the right hands. Contact us today.


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